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Rancho Rinconada offers a variety of aquatic programs for people of all ages throughout the year. Recreational swimming is only open in the summertime, while other programs like adult lap swim and swim team run all year long. Lessons are restricted to Summer, Spring, and Fall. The pool is heated, equipped with a handicap lift, and has a depth of 2½ feet in the kiddie area to 9½ feet in the diving zone.

Join us for a family splash this summer. Use this opportunity, if you want to learn how to swim this summer in cupertino, to sign up for our private, 1-on-1 lessons. We hope that you enjoy your leisure time at Rancho Rinconada and, for the more athletic and driven, consider signing up for our fun but competitive team which is specifically designed to enable children of all ages to perfect their aquatic strokes.

Our competitively priced lessons are all 1-on-1, unlike other places which charge considerably more for a group session. This means that your child swims more frequently in a given session, has more personal and concentrated experience with his or her instructor, and becomes a better swimmer much more quickly. More efficient and less expensive? Yes please!

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